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New Year, New Career – Free!
Be a Better You is offering a free course so you can get your fitness career started. Just join the “Selfie Challenge”  and enter to win a level 2 online fitness instructor course. It is very easy.

Follow the instructions on the post, download the form with the logo here and post your “Selfie” in our page and share it with your friend, and wait for the results on March 20th.

1. Download and Print the Logo
2. Take a Picture & Make it Fun
3. Post to Our Facebook Page
4. Share It With Your Friends
5. Winner Gets the Prize.

In addition to the course we are offering a signed copy of Simon Bubb’s, Be A Better You’s Managing Director, book “The Life Junkie”. A step by step guide to use the life points strategy to get the most of your life today.

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