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The New Year is often a time when people begin to think about working off that extra helping with their Christmas dinner, mince pie’s and one too many Sherries. With the turn of the year, it can often signify a new outlook on life for many people as they look to make a change.

One of the simplest ways that you can do this is by simply looking at your diet. This doesn’t mean eating nothing but rabbit food, starving yourself or bringing a stop to eating the foods you enjoy. As simple a change as watching what’s on your plate and not gorging on the fastest of foods can make a very real difference.
Personal Fitness Qualifications
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Your diet is one of the most important parts of your daily regime. You can work out all you want; if you’re not eating right, you won’t reap the true benefits.
So what New Year’s resolutions can you include in your diet plan?
1. Water, Water Everywhere
This doesn’t mean that you have to drink water by the gallon. But by having smaller, more frequent drinks throughout the day, you can revitalise your body. Try and have one more cup than the day before!

2. Vegetable Variety
Colourful produce is full of healthy vitamins and minerals that can help your immune system. Designate a few colours per day and don’t be scared to try new colours of fruit and veg.

3. Got The Munchies?
Cut out snacking. Mindless munching when watching television, around a dinner table or at parties can add up. Pop some gum in your mouth if you feel the need the need to snack. By having smaller portions more frequently, you won’t feel as bloated or hungry since your last meal.

With these helpful tips, you can make the start you want this New Year to being a healthier you. For more information on our personal trainer course, check out our website or

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