We often get asked the questions, “Is it easy to find work?” and “What are my options to start working once I’ve qualified as a PT?” So we’ve put to together a summary of different ways in which you can start working as a Personal Trainer. The fact is nothing in life comes easy, but if you work at it and are passionate and dedicated in your approach, you WILL succeed.

The list is by no means exhaustive, but will give you a valuable insight into just how flexible working as a personal trainer can be. Here is what are your job options once you become a qualified personal trainer.

Business models to work as a Personal Trainer Advantages Disadvantages
Rental. This means you start the first
couple of months’ rent free, then you start paying the gym rent. You keep all
the revenue from your clients. For example, you might pay the gym £400 per
month, but if you do only 10 hours per week at £40<span
style=’mso-spacerun:yes’> per hour, you will make £1600 per
month. This is the most common way personal trainers start their business

You have access to a membership who are already used to seeing and
being around personal trainers.
Support and guidance from other pt’s and
fitness managers
You get to keep all the revenue to generate from clients, so the more
you work the more you earn.
Usually the gym will give you a month or two with no rent to give you
time to build up your client base and revenue
Usually you get a uniform, business and marketing advice and
promotion within the club

If you don’t build up your client base relatively quickly, you may be
out of pocket when rent kicks in.
You still have to pay rent regardless of whether you are making money
or not. So in quiet periods such as xmas you need
to plan ahead.

Salary/commission. This means the gym
pays you a basic salary, and they take about 50-60% of the personal training
revenue that you get paid on top

Even during quiet times you still get paid.
No rent to pay.
Good for building confidence without stress of getting clients
(although many gyms will give you targets to reach).
Good for starting out but not if you want to earn lots of money.
Access to gym members

You earn less money for the hours you work. Less positions available.
You will probably be required to help out on the gym floor-such as
doing inductions, cleaning equipment etc.

PT studio. This is where you pay as
you use the gym. For example, if you pay the gym £20 for an hour, but your
client pays you £50, you make £30

Only pay when you use the facilities
Usually quieter and more bespoke than mass market gyms
Potential to charge more due to more ‘exclusive’ venues
No rent to pay

You will have to find your own clients and bring them in
Depending on the gym you might not get the support network that
larger chain can offer

Offer working
some gym hours in exchange for no rent

Some gyms waive the rent in exchange for you giving them hours on the
gym floor
Access to members

Having to work gym hours means you are not earning money from
personal training clients

Work outdoors or
other non-gym locations

No rent to pay
Free from being inside
Train wherever the client wants, such as their home

You will have to find your clients outside of the gym environment which
requires good marketing


Steady salary

Not many gyms offer a salary with no ‘bonuses’ for each personal trainer
Salary is usually much lower than you could earn being freelance

Personal Trainer

Buying into a franchise means that they have a client database to
share with you
Uniforms, marketing materials, and business support are typically
Once you join you should be given a list of people interested in
personal training in your area
Established brand to build confidence with clients

You have to pay a recurring franchise fee to remain on their system
You don’t know how good the potential lead list is until you start
You still need to be a self-starter and treat this as a new freelance

Online/ remote
personal trainer

No need to travel or pay rent
Your client base is worldwide
Potential to get residual income from subscription based business
High profit margins/hours worked

Finding the clients to trust you
Need for website and be tech savvy to leverage internet to your

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