Training and Courses

Learning never stops

Training, courses, workshops, seminars both online and face to face are a great way to learn new skills, experience new things and meet people.

Learning never stops. We believe that ongoing learning is one of the best ways to improve and increase your wellbeing, confidence and intelligence.

Be A Better You has selected a range of training providers that we think could you help your self-development and career grow in many ways.


NLP can help individual in all walks of life. It gives you a new window, a new perspective, a new frame on what you are doing and why. Find out exactly how you can prepare yourself for success simply through enhancing your self awareness.


When you think about public speaking do you imagine giving a pitch or presentation, learning lines, or a script and then simply delivering them?

This is certainly one part of public speaking, but David works with a variety of people to help them use public speaking for so much more! Being a confident public speaker and communicator allows you to connect with others, inspire them and share your ideas in a way that makes them want to take action. 

David is an experienced public speaking coach and works with individuals and groups to help them develop confident communication skills. Whether you have a fear of public speaking or want to learn how to use the tools and techniques that help you to effectively share your ideas, David provides a safe and supportive learning environment to help you achieve this.