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There has never been a better time to get into the Fitness Industry. Latest research shows that it is one of the few industries still growing in the middle of one of the longest recessions in UK history. Although as a nation we have some of the highest obesity levels in Europe, the people who do exercise value their health very highly. These dedicated people are paying for Personal Trainers because they know they are much more likely to get results. Getting a job is easy as more and more gyms are opening every week, and in need of quality trainers such as YOU.

Or you can skip the gym altogether and start training clients in parks, clients homes or your own Personal Trainer studio. As a Personal Trainer, the sky’s the limit.

Course summary Personal Trainer course (distance learning) Personal Trainer course (blended learning)

Duration Varies for each person 7 weekends
Location UK wide London/Manchester
Includes Level 2 fitness instructor, Videos Level 2 fitness instructor, Face to face teaching, Use of gym facilities

When Start today! Every 2 months
Price Reduced from £950 to £699 for a short time only £1997

Job averages Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer
Yearly salary £14,000 £35,000
Hours per week 40 30
Days holiday 20 40

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