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As a Personal Trainer, your first consultation with a potential client should be similar to being on a good first date.By that I mean Keep It Simple Stupid!

Personal Trainers can make life overly complicated for clients, especially in the beginning of the ‘relationship’.

Imagine yourself as a new personal training client who has been asked to:

1.    Complete a weekly food diary with mood icons

2.    Think about all your goals

3.    Prioritise your goals

4.    Think about why those goals are important

5.    What do you like do to in your spare time

6.    Why do you smoke

7.    Do you prefer mornings or afternoons

8.    How would you feel if you didn’t achieve you goals

9.    What type of exercise do you like or dislike

10.  What barriers will try to stop you achieving your goals…. and so on

All these questions are valid, but asking too many in one sitting can put some clients off. Spend the first consultation getting to know them more as person rather than someone to be ‘fixed’ and you’ll find that you’ll establish trust and rapport is built faster.

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