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1. By accessing our website and enrolling on a course or courses you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.
Conditions of Use for Be A Better You-Training Ltd

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About these conditions:
1. If you access or use any part of this website you agree to these conditions. If you do not want to agree to these conditions, do not access or use this website.
2. We may change these conditions at any time without giving you notice. Please check these conditions from time to time for any changes. By continuing to use the website you agree to all the changes we make to these conditions.

Using this website
1. We collect and use information in line with our privacy policy . By using this website, you agree to the way in which we collect and use your information.

2. You cannot use this website:
• for any unlawful purpose;
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• to tamper with, update or change any part of the website;
• in a way that affects how it is run;
• in a way that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large burden on us or our suppliers’ communications and technical systems as determined by us; or
• using any automated means to monitor or copy the website or its content, or to interfere with or attempt to interfere with how the website works.

1. You use the website at your own risk.
2. You should not rely on the website for advice.
3. As far as the relevant laws allow, we do not guarantee that:

• there will be no problems with how you use the website;
• or the computer or server you use to log on to the website is free of viruses or other harmful programs.

Limits to our liability
1. Under no circumstances will, Be A Better You-Training Ltd , the owner or operator of this website, or any of their group companies, employees, officers or agents, or any other organisation involved in creating, producing, maintaining or distributing the website be liable for any loss of:

• profits;
• business or business opportunities;
• savings you expect to make;
• goodwill;
• use of, or corruption to information; or
• information.

2. We are not liable to you for any other losses whether they are because we have not kept to our obligations or contract, because of something we have done or not done in negligence, due to defamatory statements or liability for a product or otherwise as a result of:

• using or relying on the website;
•  not being able to use the website;
•  any mistake, fault, failure to do something, missing information, or virus on the website or if it does not work properly because of incidents outside of our control such as (but not limited to) interruptions to communication and networks and circumstances beyond our control;
•  theft, destruction of information or someone getting access to our records, programs or services without our permission;
• goods, products, services or information received through or advertised on any website which we link to from this website; or:
• any information, data, message or other material which you email, post, upload, reproduce, send, or otherwise distribute or receive using the website.

The whole agreement
1. These conditions make up the whole agreement between you and us in how you use the website. If a court decides that a condition is not valid, the rest of the conditions will still apply.

The law
1. The laws of England and Wales apply to your use of the website and these conditions. We control the website from within the United Kingdom. However, you can get access to the website from other places around the world. Although, these places may have different laws from the laws of England and Wales, by using the website you agree that the laws of England and Wales will apply to everything relating to you using the website and you agree to keep to these laws. We have the right to take you to court in the country you live in.

Be A Better You Training Ltd.
The terms and conditions laid out below are the basis of the contract between Be A Better You-Training Ltd. (“BABY-Training”) and yourself. Please read them carefully as a contract is a legally binding agreement and BABY Training recommends that prior to enrolment you ensure you fully understand and are able to comply with this agreement.

1.1 Your Application is an offer to us to enter into a binding contract with us to purchase a place on the Course. We are free to accept or decline your Application at our absolute discretion. Your offer is only accepted when we send you written confirmation that your Application is accepted or that we are able to offer you a place on the Course (the “Confirmation”).

1.2 At the point of our Confirmation, a contract will come into existence between us and you (the “Contract”). The Contract will continue until the completion of the Course, unless it is cancelled earlier in accordance with these Terms.

1.3 The Contract will be subject to these Terms and the Booking Form. We consider that these Terms and the Booking Form set out the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the Course.

1.4 Please check that the details in these Terms and the Booking form are complete and accurate. If you think that there is a mistake in the Terms or the Booking Form or that they do not contain relevant information that you are relying on, please notify us and ask us to confirm any agreed changes in writing before you submit your Application.

1.5 By accessing our website and enrolling on a course or courses you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.

1.6 By enrolling on a course and where relevant, selecting additional courses, you are agreeing to be responsible for the payment of the applicable fees in full.

1.7 By enrolling on the course we BABY Training are committing to providing the training appropriate to the course. We cannot guarantee your successful qualification.

1.8 We have your interest and the Company’s interest in mind and therefore we have the right to cancel a student already enrolled on a course if we feel there has been a deviation from professional standards.

Late Applications
2.1 If your Application is submitted within 5 working days of the Course commencing, we cannot guarantee that the Confirmation will reach you before the Course starts. In these circumstances, we will normally provide confirmation by phone or email.

2.2 If you submit your Application within 5 working days of a Be A Better You Course commencing and you do not receive a response from us with joining instructions together with login details for the Course within 24 hours, please contact the Office. You are responsible for checking the status of your Application.

Course Amendments
3.1 If you need to amend the date of your course, it is possible to transfer to another course for no extra fee, if you inform us at least 1 month before the start of the originally booked date. You will still be liable for the full outstanding balance of the total amount of any instalments.

3.2 If you decide to change the course dates within 1 month of the initial course starting, an administration fee of £60 applies.

Cancellations and Refunds
4.1 Under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 you have the right to cancel the Contract within 14 days (the “Cancellation Period”) without giving any reason. If the course or service has started within those fourteen days, you agree that this right of cancellation shall not apply. The Cancellation Period will expire 14 days after the date of our Confirmation. If you book our courses two weeks prior to the Start of the Class, your Cancellation Period is only one week. This only applies if you have not accessed any learning materials. You should return all course materials at your own expense, together with a letter stating that you do not wish to proceed with the course. This letter should be posted recorded delivery. Should the course materials be damaged in any way, their cost will be deducted from your refund.

4.2 To cancel within the Cancellation Period you must inform us in writing to

4.3 If you cancel the Contract in accordance with paragraph 4.1, we will not charge you the Course Fees

4.4 You may cancel the Contract after the Cancellation Period but before the Course starts by giving us written notice.

4.5 If you give us written notice to cancel the Contract outside the Cancellation Period but at least 30 days before the Course starts, you will be chargeable for an administrative charge of £30.

4.6 If you give us written notice to cancel the Contract outside the Cancellation Period and fewer than 30 days before the Course starts, you will still be entitled to pay the Fees unless you are able to find a replacement student to take your place on the Course. In which case you will be not entitled to pay the Course Fees. This service is subject to an administration charge of £30.

4.7 You may also cancel the Contract at any time if:

4.7.1 we break the Contract in a material way and do not correct the situation within 14 days of you asking us in writing to do so;

4.7.2 an Event Outside Our Control prevents us from providing the Services when we are supposed to for 2 weeks or more; or

4.7.3 we go into liquidation or a receiver or administrator is appointed over our assets, in which case you do not have the pay the Course Fees.

4.8 No refunds will be given for any cancellations made by the student. All fees will be forfeited. If you do not start a course, this will be treated as a cancellation. If you change your mind and do not wish to take part in the course after the 14 day refund period, this will be treated as a cancellation.

Our Cancellation Rights
5.1 We may cancel the Contract no later than 10 working days before the Course starts if there is low demand for the Course in which case you can either:

5.1.1 transfer onto an alternative available course (and receive a partial refund of the Fees if the fees for the alternative course are less than the Fees); or

5.1.2 cancel the Contract and receive a refund of the Fees.

5.2 We may cancel the Contract if an Event Outside Our Control prevents us providing the Services when we are supposed to for 4 weeks or more or if we lose our right for the purposes of relevant legislation to provide the Services, in which case we will refund any Fees paid.

5.3 We may cancel the Contract or suspend you from the Course on written notice to you if:

5.3.1 your attendance falls below reasonably acceptable levels (other than for reasons outside your reasonable control);

5.3.2 you do not pay the Fees when you are supposed to;

5.3.3 we discover that you do not have an immigration status entitling you to undertake the Course; or

5.3.4 you break the Contract in a material way and do not correct the situation within 14 days of us asking you in writing to do so.

5.3.5 You give your login details to any third party without our prior written permission;

5.3.6 you share Course content with any third party without our prior written permission.

5.4 There may occasions when it is necessary to make reasonable changes to times, dates and venues, prices and content or cancel courses. We aim to inform you in advance but we will not be held responsible for any losses/costs incurred.

6.1 Non-attendance at classes due to reasons other than our default does not entitle you to refunds, extra tuition or a transfer. It still entitles you to pay your Course Fees in Full amount if you have not cancelled the Course according to the Cancellation Period.

6.2 If, for reasons outside your reasonable control (such as illness) you miss classes, we will use our reasonable endeavours to offer you additional support, subject to you paying our additional charges.

6.3 In the case of Courses delivered over Be A Better You in the event that you are unable to attend a class, we shall use reasonable efforts to provide you access to an archived recording of the class.

6.4 For Blended Learning (NOT Distance Learning) courses only: Students’ attendance on blended learning courses must be at least 70% of face to face training hours in order to proceed to assessments. Failure to attend 70% of training hours will result in you having to re-take the necessary Units of the course with an extra administration fee of £60.

Events outside of our Control
7.1 We shall not be responsible for any failure to perform or delay in performing our obligations under the Contract that is due to an Event Outside Our Control. If an Event Outside Our Control takes place which affects our obligations under the Contract then:

(a) we will contact you as soon as reasonably possible to notify you;

(b) our obligations under the Contract will be suspended and our time for performance extended for the duration of the Event Outside Our Control; and

(c) we will restart the Services as soon as possible when the Event Outside Our Control is over.

Time to complete courses
8.1 You have one year in which to complete the whole course. After this you will be automatically unenrolled from the course.

8.2 Any money paid that is not used for a course within one year of the date of payment will be forfeited.


9.1. In order to receive all course award certificates, the course must be paid for in full.

9.2. All assessments must be complete and passed before being awarded a certificate.

9.3. Certificates may take over 2 months to arrive due to the quality control processes that BABY-Training must adhere to.

9.4. We reserve the right to partner with any 3rd party training providers to deliver any courses offered on our website.

10.1 Students are responsible for completing practical, written and theory assessments necessary to gain the qualification, and for contacting BABY-Training for additional learning support.

10.2 For Distance Learners only: you must provide proof of your identity which includes a head photo. A copy of your photo driving licence or passport is sufficient.

10.3 If you refer any of the theory or practical assessments, then subsequent re-sits of each Unit that requires a resit will incur an administration fee of £60. Payable in advance of each resit.

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