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24+ Advanced Learning Loan for Personal Trainer Courses

Have you been thinking about starting a new career in personal training? We at Be a Better You, have made it easier for you to begin your personal training course.

With the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan, you don’t actually start paying back a penny until you’re earning £21,000 or more and you can get funding for your Level 3 certificate or diploma.

The 24+ Loan was developed to help those who are ready to make a new start, unhappy in their current job or are simply unable to cover the cost of training. With Be A Better You, we will guarantee interviews with our partners and we’ll also throw in some career advice and support. With our training and the 24+ Loan you’ll be able to dive right into your career as a personal trainer.


As a certified personal trainer you’ll be able to work around your commitments and run your own business in your own way with the freedom to train as many clients as you like.


Once you’re earning over £21,000 your monthly repayments could be as little as £7.50 – meaning that you can build your portfolio of clients without breaking the bank. Use the repayment calculator to determine your monthly repayment.


If you’ve been living in the UK for the last 3 years, are over the age of 24 and enrolling in a Level 3 diploma, you’re likely to qualify for a loan. If you happen to dip under £21,000 a year, don’t worry – your repayments will stop.


Across the country thousands of people have taken control of their lives by starting a new career, funded by a 24+ Loan. You could be one of them. It’s time to Be A Better You.


Give us a call at 0800 612 5188 to find out if you qualify for this Advance Learning Loan.


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