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We often meet Be A Better You students who have reached that point in their lives when they are ready to make a career change and break into a new industry.

As we are adding more new courses to our current offering, we wanted to find out just how many Brits have considered turning their interests into a full-time job.

After surveying 1,005 Brits for The Hobbies Dreams and Jobs Report, we found that 89% of Brits have considered making their favourite pastime their full-time job.

In fact, 65% of fitness-mad Brits would consider a career as a personal trainer, photography was found to be a much loved passion for almost half of Brits (48%), 37% of budding writers were keen embark on new careers as authors and journalists.

Careers in fashion and styling took fourth place for 33% of Brits, while 30% have hopes of working in the catering and hospitality industry as chefs and restaurateurs.

So, how many Brits have actually taken the gamble to peruse a career in their favourite hobby or pastime?

Surprisingly, only 3% have decided to follow their passion and actually make money from their hobby jobs.

But why?

Financial security is a major factor for many and is the main reason why more than two thirds of Brits (65%) have not pursued a career in something they have a genuine interest in.

We understand that embarking on a new career path can be daunting and for 54%, job security was the main reason for not converting their hobbies into a career.

Other barriers that Brits are facing when making the decision to retrain for a new industry included social pressures from their friends and family for almost half (47%). While a third (35%) stated they were simply too settled in their current career to make a change.

We feel that it’s unfortunate so many Brits are put off or deterred from really following their dreams and passions, especially when such a large amount are keen to peruse a career in an industry they have a genuine interest for.

We understand it can be daunting and meet numerous students who already have an established career in a specific industry but would like to make a change. There’s no denying it can be hard at first and tough to break into an sector but if you equip yourself with the right skills and make sensible decisions about training and qualifications needed, we are confident you will succeed.

Do you feel you are ready to peruse a career you are genuinely passionate about?
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