Johanna Gripenberg

Personal Trainer Graduate

What you did before choosing to become a PT?

I’m a trained nurse and now a Personal Trainer.

Worked with the human body and mind for years.

I’m truly fascinated about the human body, mind and its ability to change, get stronger and healthy.

Started train myself 2 years ago as I moved to London and my passion and interest for fitness, health and nutrition grew.

Wanted to help and share my passion, knowledge, experience and love for fitness with people.

Why did you choose Be A Better You?

I chose Be A Better You because it was perfect for me as working full-time and having the weekends off and the ability to attend to the lectures during the weekend and doing self studying during the week. As well the Reebok Sports Club is a great gym to be in.

What you are doing now?

At the moment I work at a private members only gym as a PT in east London, having my own business on the side. I’m loving every step of it.

What you hope to do in future?

My future plan would be to get my own business. Open my own PT studio get more knowledge and experience so I can help people in the best way. Share and spread knowledge, interest, joy and love that fitness brings to people.

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