Dimitra Moscha

Personal Trainer Graduate

What you did before choosing to become a PT?

Dimitra has had a passion for sports and physical training since she was 4 years old when she became a gymnast. She was an athlete of Rhythmic Gymnastics for more than 10years and for another 10 years she was a volleyball player. All this love for the fitness industry drove Dimitra to study at the University for a Sports Science Degree where she received many awards for her academic performance. After her degree she continued her studies and she now holds a Master Degree in Sports Biomechanics.

Since graduating Dimitra has worked as a rhythmic gymnastics high level coach and as a volleyball coach and after her master degree has worked as a clinical scientist / biomechanist in a gait analysis lab analysing the human movement.

Why did you choose Be A Better You?

When I moved to UK, I was asked to give some exams to get the full REPs 3 status. While I was looking for an Approved Test Centre to take my exams I found Be A Better You. I was impressed by the service and the professionalism of the centre so I signed up with Be A Better You without a second thought and I didn’t regret it!

What you are doing now?

Dimitra works as a personal trainer at the fitness club Fit4Less at Tower Hill and she successfully runs her own personal training company “Dimitra Personal Training”.

What you hope to do in future?

Dimitra hopes to keep transforming peoples’ bodies and lives, as this is what she loves the most about her job! Her dream is in the future to own a fitness club with a biomechanics lab inside where she will be able to train children, adults and elderly and at the same time she will uses her scientific knowledge helping athletes to improve their sports performance!

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