Alexander McWilliam

Personal Trainer Graduate

What you did before choosing to become a PT?

I am currently a working actor, and I was looking for an additional income while not acting. I have always been passionate about keeping fit and healthy, and becoming a PT is something that has interested me over the last few years, but I hadn’t really had the time or resources to do it.

Why did you choose Be A Better You?

I chose be a better you because of a couple of reasons. I didn’t have the time to take 6 weeks off my current job for an intensive course, so I found that be a better you did a distance learning course which was perfect for my situation. Also the cost of the course was another factor, with most other places charging thousands I managed to get my level 2 and level 3 done for under £1000.

What you are doing now?

I am currently going through the process of setting up my own PT business that I can do while not acting, so sorting out all the marketing, website design etc.

What you hope to do in future?

I hope to be able to further develop my skills as a PT, to become more knowledgeable in different aspects of training. In particular injuries and sports massages.

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