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Congrats, you’ve passed your Level 2 and Level 3 Personal Trainer Courses!
Now it’s time to perfect your CV. We at Be A Better You offer guaranteed interviews, CV review and 2 year career support.

Getting certified as a personal trainer isn’t the only tool you need to begin your career as a personal trainer. If you’re thinking about working for a gym then you’ll definitely need a CV that sets you apart from all the other applicants. Although we guarantee interviews, your CV could be keeping you from landing your dream job.

Here are some tips and examples of ways to improve your CV to land the job you were born to do.

Email Address: We all love a cheeky email address but your potential employer will not. Save the creative/comical email addresses for your personal emails. I’m sure you know which ones I’m talking about. Here are a few examples of the type of email addresses that you should avoid putting on your CV:
Studmuffin69      bendoverlol     Fitnessbabe88     bigpimpjoel
We’re not saying to avoid creativity completely but just try to be as relevant and professional as possible. As a personal trainer you’ll want to build a client list. Your potential clients won’t want to contact you if they don’t think you’re serious about your profession. When in doubt just use your name and a couple of numbers. Here are some examples of our favourite professional email addresses:
david.beckham    PTclaire77    PersonalTrainerRyan305    tbradford


Hobbies: So you enjoy drinking a bottle of wine while binge watching Netflix. We’re not judging you but this is something that you should leave out of your CV. For starters it’s not really a healthy hobby.
As a personal trainer you’re a mentor, a motivator and a life changer. Publicly declaring your unhealthy lifestyle choices shows weakness. We’re not saying you’re weak but your clients may think you are.
Maybe you enjoy a naked nightly swim in the Thames. Is this something you should put in your CV? No, do not put that in your CV. Great you’re being active but let’s keep it PG.

Here are some examples of appropriate hobbies: cycling, running, travelling, reading, cooking and boxing.Stick to health related hobbies but also throw in a couple of hobbies that aren’t really fitness related (like travelling and reading).


Key Skills: You may be a professional underwater basket weaver but your future employer doesn’t really care. Keep irrelevant skills off of your CV. You’ve been given the tools and resources that are needed to excel in the fitness industry. Open up your training manual and find the right words to use. Here are some skills that are related to the health and fitness industry.

Excellent communication skills and friendly attitude.
Quick learner, able to implement new methods and initiatives.
Self-motivated and service oriented.
Experience in creating client and trainer agreements.
Received adequate training in developing unique goals and targets based on the client’s health and fitness assessment.


Employment Summary: Have you worked in the fitness industry before? If you haven’t then there’s no need to worry.
When discussing key responsibilities try to relate them back to personal training. Think of everything you learned in your personal trainer course. I’m sure you can come up with quite a few relevant tasks. Check out our examples:
Supermarket Cashier
-Responsible for providing outstanding customer service.
-Aided customers in the buying process. Always tried to recommend the healthiest options.
-Helped shoppers understand the nutritional food labels.

Sales Associate
– Responsible for providing outstanding customer service.
-Recommended clothing based on body type and personality.
-Set sales goals and developed methods to achieve them.
-Provided honest and objective feedback.

Be creative with your key responsibilities. If you’re struggling to find something that relates to personal training then reach out to us or just omit the job from your CV.
Profile: For some this is the hardest part to write. That’s why we’ve saved it for last. Use all of the information that you’ve already written to help you create an award winning profile. This is where you sell yourself. Write a few sentences to summarise your experience, skills, and perhaps a standout achievement.
Check back next week for CV design tips and examples!

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