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Personal Trainer Career Paths to consider

Personal trainers have the opportunity of working in a variety of different settings. No longer are personal trainers confined to just gyms. They can work in clients’ homes, resorts, and corporate environments as well. Determining what kind of environment you’d work best in may require a good deal of contemplation. Below is a list of a few places you may want to consider on your path towards personal training.

1. Gyms, Fitness Centers and Health Clubs

The advantage is that new locations are opening up all the time. A growing number of people want to get healthy and fit, so finding training jobs in these areas is more promising.

2. As an Independent Trainer: Being an independent personal trainer can be very profitable. It may be harder to get started, and could require a lot more commitment however in the end it can yield great rewards.

3.  Holiday Resorts and cruise ships: Some students may decide to complete their fitness programs while on holiday. If you live near a resort area, it’ll be easier for you to find personal trainer jobs.

4. Your Own Personal Trainer Boot Camp: This is something that you can perform as a personal trainer or when working as a personal trainer for a business.

5.  Different Types of Health Organisations: Look through various types of health groups in your area. There’s bound to be some personal training jobs there.

6.  Rehabilitation Centers: Similar to Health organisations, they offer various health groups. You may need to upskill to GP exercise referral or REPS 4 specialist courses

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