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Be A Better You Training
Ethos and Values

Our Purpose
• Teach, encourage, instruct, mentor, influence, guide and inspire
Our Values
• Mutual respect, honesty, integrity and personal accountability.

Be A Better You Training was designed from the ground up to teach exciting and practical courses for motivated people who strive for the best training, facilities, and support in order to start employment within the fitness industry.
Our personal training courses will equip students with the latest personal training qualifications, thus ensuring your successful placement within employment after the course completion. Be A Better You boasts a great deal of flexibility, consequently keeping up with the times we have come to meet the needs of our customers and provide online personal training courses alongside face-to-face personal trainer courses.
At Be A Better You we strive to create an tailored made learning experience of everyone of our students.

Students achievements
Learning is an adventure to be enjoyed; a journey that stretches, challenges and opens minds. Our students consistently achieve excellent results and gain employment in outstanding jobs. We have high aspirations for all our students and our highly skilled and enthusiastic staff will encourage them to have strong ambitions and work hard to achieve these.
We provide a caring and supportive community
Care, guidance and support are strengths of the company. We work hard to give students a smooth, positive transition to a new career in the fitness industry. Each student benefits from a dedicated support network throughout their time at Be A Better You. This includes a leading industry tutor, backed up by a student support team who ensure that students have the full range of support and help they need to access the course materials and make good progress.

Be A Better You uses state of the art gyms that are modern and spacious. These venues that helps create a learning environment for students to thrive in. Be A Better You uses venues in Canary Wharf, Vauxhall, King’s Cross and Marshall Street (Oxford street).
All our venues are equipped with the latest equipment, including:

• Treadmills
• Skillmill™
• Wattbikes
• Rowing machines
• Ski erg
• Dumbbells up to 50kg
• Squat racks – 3 (all with lifting platforms)
• Cable stations –
• Adjustable benches
• Preacher curl benches
• Assisted dip/pull-up.

Standards and expectations
We have a clearly defined strategy for raising expectations and improving standards. Respect and consideration are the watchwords for the way we expect our students to treat each other and staff. Good behaviour is rewarded. Bad behaviour is not tolerated. Clear policies and sanctions exist and are acted upon to ensure that every student feels safe and secure.

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