Any personal trainer will tell you that the although they enjoy their job, they know they won’t be able to go on forever. At some point you may fall ill, or have an injury that stops you from working. What then? As a personal trainer you won’t earn any income if you don’t train your clients. That’s why you should be thinking about other sources of income, or ‘revenue streams’ in business jargon. Not having all your eggs in one basket is like having insurance. If one source fails, you still have other revenue streams. The goal of any revenue stream is to end up at a level where the income is passive or ‘residual’. This means that whether you work or not, the money keeps coming in! Sounds like a dream that only a few lucky people get to have, right? Wrong! You too can set up multiple revenue streams that can eventually become residual. How?

Well, there are a 1001 ways to do this, but there is one way which one of our Personal Trainer course graduates is maximising. Tom Dyer (pictured above) of Ultimate City Fitness completed our personal trainer course a number of years ago and is now Europe’s leader in marketing the most advanced supplements brand in the world, Usana.

Simon Bubb, the training director at Be A Better You, interviewed Tom to get a better understanding of how he is leveraging his passion for fitness to bring in significant revenue.

To hear the interview (23 minutes in length) please click play below:

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