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Be A Better You is excited to announce the partnership with one of the UK’s leading Universities in Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin.  We can now offer 24+ loans.

You can find out more information here

Also, here is a 24+ Loans factsheet: 24+ loans factsheet

24+ Advanced Learning Loans SimplifiedKey facts•Available to learners from 1stAugust 2013 and who are aged 24 or over on the first day of their course•Resident in the UK (nationality and residency criteria as per HE)•Approved training organisations in England•Only previous study taken into account is loan funded learning•Funded learning aim types are;–A levels

–Access to HE

–Certificate at Level 3 & 4

–Diploma at Level 3 & 4

–Advanced and Higher Apprenticeship

•1 Loan at any one time so no concurrent study

–except A-levels and apprenticeship frameworks

•4 loans in total

–False start and compelling personal reasons (CPR)

•A Levels must be applied for with one application per A Level

•Minimum loan amount £300 and Maximum loan amount up to the fee charged by the provider or max funding rate on LARA

–Maximum fee for apprenticeships is 50% of the framework rate

•Access to HE loan write-off for degree completers


•Application process launched in April 2013 for learning aims commencing from 1st August 2013

•Online application -paper applications are available

•Non means tested application

•Learning & Funding Information Letter given to learner to help with application

•Learning Provider and Learning Aim data from the Agency

•Quick processing turnaround times

•Learner will be required to complete the following:

–Personal Details

•Including National Insurance Number (NINO)

–College or Training Organisation (UKPRN)

•Learning Aim Details

•Start and End dates and Learning Aim Reference Number

•Course trainer (if applicable)

•Fee provider is charging

–Residency Information

–Passport details (if held)

•No original passports need to be submitted for UK Nationals

•Alternative forms of ID can be submitted

–Loan amount requested


•SLC will assess the application:

–Check personal eligibility inclusive of age, residency and identity

–Passport number can be checked by link with Identity and Passport

Service to verify identity

•Checks completed within 24 hours

–Check College or Training Organisation is an approved provider

–Check Learning Aim approved for funding

–Loan requested not more than the Agency maximum or provider fee (whichever is lower)

–NINO verified by link with Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

•Learner notified of the outcome of the assessment by SLC

–E.G. Approved, Ineligible, Missing Evidence / Information

•Dedicated processing team within our processing unit

•Majority of applications dealt with by automated processing


•Attendance Confirmation:

–Initially –two weeks after learner starts course

–Subsequently –quarterly -requested on the 1stof the month for payment

in that month and the remaining two months of the quarter are assumed

•Positive actual confirmation is assumed to apply to subsequent months in each quarter unless SLC receive notification to indicate otherwise

•In between quarters, attendance and therefore liability, is assumed on the first of every month in order to release payment later in the month

•If attendance is not confirmed 3 months after the start date, SLC will cancel the application



•Payment schedules are created upon approval of application and payments await attendance confirmation from provider

•Payments scheduled on a flat monthly profile based on initial liability point and learning aim end date

•Payments made in equal instalments where possible (last payment may be slightly different depending on loan amount)

•Full outstanding payment made on early completion

•Paid on set date each month –no interim / catch up payments

•Quarterly attendance requested 1st of the month

•Payment on 3rd Wednesday of the month

•Allows providers time to work and submit confirmations to meet the drawdown for payment

•SLC unable to pay monies due without attendance confirmation –if providers not paid that month, payment added to next month


•Deducted from earnings through the tax system from April 2016

•Learners who complete prior to this can make voluntary repayments

•Repayments will be made at 9% of earnings above £21,000

•If earnings fall below £21,000 repayments will stop until earnings go back above £21,000

•Example monthly repayment amounts:

•Income each year before tax:

–Up to £21,000Repay £0

–£22,000 Repay £7 per month

–£25,000 Repay £30 per month

–£30,000 Repay £67 per month

–£35,000 Repay £105 per month

–£40,000 Repay £142 per month

•Interest accrues as each payment is made whilst learning –RPI + 3%

•Not working or earning below £21,000 –RPI

•Earning £21,000 to £41,000 –RPI + up to 3% (sliding scale)

•Earning more than £41,000 –RPI + 3%

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