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How many times have you been crammed into the sardine tin also known as the London underground at rush hour, in a suit, in the middle of Summer, wondering who on the carriage has seemingly forgot to shower for the past week….reading an article about someone who quit the desk job they hated and did something active….and not felt any jealousy?  Especially when for that fleeting moment you imagine walking up to your line manager, handing in your notice and embarking on a career that you have always wanted, only for that moment to pass and for you to continue on your journey to your desk.
This does not have to be the case.  Throughout your younger years gaining qualifications and progressing your knowledge is a fundamental part of your life.  Of course when you are younger, to an extent change is easier but regardless of the additional responsibilities as we get older we also become more resistant to change.  This can often lead us down a path that can be almost torturous.  You might be the most active person in the world who as a kid swore never to be stuck behind a desk for 8 hours a day, but the likelihood is that this is exactly what will happen.  Stuck in a job that you dislike, but a job that the pressures of life are keeping you handcuffed to.  At Be A Better You we have made it our mission to make it as easy as possible to free yourself from these metaphorical handcuffs.

Make no bones about it, changing careers is a big step in anyone’s life.  However, the reality is that if you split it into smaller components and tackle them systematically it can feel a lot less daunting.  Let’s look at changing career to work in…oh I don’t know……the fitness industry.  The types of issues that immediately spring to mind are: I have no experience in that field?  Where do I start? What qualifications do I need?  How much money can you earn? Do I need to quit my job?

All of these issues should be tackled one by one (look at our website for more information).  Getting qualified is usually the most daunting issue when switching careers, and often the one that presents the biggest hurdle due to time constraints.  However it has never been easier to get qualifications for a career in the fitness industry, and we like to believe that this is in no small part down to some of the flexibility that we offer our clients.  We did not invent e-learning, but have helped the fitness industry capitalise on the benefits and help people become qualified personal trainers or fitness instructors.  We have found that a flexible learning environment is much more more enticing to someone who is looking to change careers – and why wouldn’t it?  A significant amount of those looking to switch careers will be trying to get qualified whilst they still hold down their current job.  It reduces the potential time spent without an income and thus the risk associated with changing careers.  Be A Better You courses are flexible enough so that you can be working your 9-5 and then getting qualified in the comfort of your own home – our distance learning options mean that you can do most of the course online!

Switching careers and entering the fitness industry (or any industry for that matter) is an extensive subject and something that we will be exploring over the coming months.  Possibly the most important point of this article is that changing careers is not something that should be confined to a brief daydream whilst stuck between stations on the underground.  It is a feasible option for just about anyone – making the change can be gradual.  It is about taking that first step and Be A Better You help make that first step to getting qualified as a personal trainer that much easier.  Give it some thought, more to come!

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