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We give you the tools and knowledge that you need for a successful career

Here at Be A Better You, we have a wide range of health and fitness courses and gym instructor courses to help you gain qualifications. Our certified training programmes, equip you with the practical everyday skills and background knowledge you need to be successful in your career. From beginner to advanced, we provide both online and face-to-face courses, giving you a great range of options to kick start your future as a personal trainer!
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Our Health & Fitness Courses in UK

Sports and healthy lifestyle form an indivisible part of many people’s day-to-day routine.
They are so important because most people have come to see the dangers lurking in the static life-mode they lead, cooped up in their homes and offices for hours,
bent over their computers and phones. Read More

This realization led people to take to sports and go to the gym in order to somewhat alleviate their condition and experience a change of pace. Gradually going to the gym became a matter of habit for them, an important part of their life and the fitness instructor became their most helpful companion.
So what does mean to you? Superficially, it means that you are given the chance to explore a new job opportunity and try to become a fitness instructor and a guide to an emergent generation of gym culture.
Now, you might wonder what it is you have to do to become a successful gym instructor, how to become a fitness instructor in the UK and this is the point where our company comes to your aid with its multitudinous fitness training courses and/or fitness trainer courses on how to become a highly qualified gym instructor and get the requisite qualifications for getting a valid placement in the growing in popularity and profit fitness instructor job market.
This new career opportunity along with multifaceted qualifications that you can acquire by signing up for diverse health and fitness courses that are available on our platform will potentially augment your annual income and ensure you a stable financial status for many years to come.

 Becoming a Fitness Instructor

How to become a fitness instructor? It is very simple, you just have to take one of our Be a Better You gym instructor courses and obtain the highly competitive fitness instructor qualifications that you will need in your pursuit of personal trainer career.
Our fitness instructor courses are meticulously designed study programmes both online and face-to-face which will arm you with the latest fitness training tools and specialised techniques thus making you a considerably competitive fitness trainer and health consultant.
At this point you might already be interested in the fitness training courses that we have in our catalogues for you.
If you are worried that the fitness instructor training programmes that we offer might not fit your needs, Don’t Be! In the process of designing our personal trainer courses we have taken into consideration the possible needs of all our clients based on the reviews and suggestions that we receive from our regular clienteles.
Now let us have a look at some of the fitness instructor courses and various qualifications that we offer at Be a Better You.
First, let’s look into Reps Fast Track Personal Trainer Qualification course. In order to join REPs at level 2 you will have to sign up for one of our fitness instructor courses, and for REPs Level 3 you will need to take a personal training course.
To be deemed eligible for this Personal Trainer Qualification programme you should first be in possession of personal trainer/fitness instructor qualifications or else hold Sports science or equivalent university diploma/certificate.
Qualifications obtained upon completing this course are sure to get you immediate career advancement. Another very effective course is our REPS Level 3 Personal Training Diploma Course. This online study programme is all that you need to start you’re an amazing career in personal training.
Upon successfully completing this fitness instructor course you will be granted REPS Level 2 (Register of Exercise Professionals) gym instructor qualifications. After which you will be able to one level up to REPS Level 3 and become a highly qualified personal trainer.
Yet another very popular course scheme that we have on our platform is Level 4 Nutrition for Children and Adolescents distance learning course. This training course is structured so that it provides you with the fundamental concepts behind improving nutrition among young people.
Obesity is rapidly becoming a serious health issue for children and adolescents because of poor eating habits, high levels of inactivity, and a lack of guidance.
This Level 4 Nutrition course will give you the knowledge and expertise to help parents and health practitioners improve children’s nutrition. Upon successfully completing this training course you will be granted a Level 4 Certificate of Achievement and Learner Unit Summary issued by ABC Awards. You will also be eligible to join the Qualifications Register (QR) and the Affiliation of Ethical and Professional Therapists (AEPT). Most importantly these qualifications will be a major contribution to your personal trainer career.Read Less

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Be A Better You will help boost your Career

At Be A Better You, we believe that in the age we live in, learning new skills should not be limited to the classroom. Whether you prefer hands-on training or studying at home by distance learning, we have the perfect course for you.

Finding a training provider you can trust is very hard, which is especially true in these tough times. You need all the help you can get. You need an accredited course, at the best price, that can get you moving quickly towards carrying out your desired role within your chosen career, either as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, sports masseuse, etc.

That’s why Be A Better You offer a range of course options to suit your budget and learning style, so you can become qualified from wherever you live in the world.

On average, you can get qualified and ready for your first paid role in a short space of time. For example, it will take you only 2-6 months to start from scratch and become a personal trainer. If being a personal trainer is your chosen career, we will also help you rapidly find a job in the UK. Our countrywide network of contacts is there for you. They will smooth the process by guaranteeing you an interview with clubs like Fitness First. We will handle your application, on your behalf. To check our credentials please call us or check in the fitness industry and official websites REPs, CYQ, and ELCAS. You can also read some of what our previous students said about our courses.

They were where you are right now, considering their options, people that had dreams, who took action and chose Be A Better You as their training provider, and they are very happy that they did so.

So, are you planning a new career? Want to have an income where you are in control in order to lead the lifestyle you desire? Do you want to choose the hours you want to work? Not having to answer to the demands of a boss? Does working for yourself appeal to you? If you answer yes to most of these questions, then why not join the hundreds of satisfied, professional and passionate learners, by enrolling on a course with a Be A Better You today?

5 Reasons Why Should You Choose Us

  1. We have been in operation since 2009.  You can buy from us with confidence.  We are not just a training company that is jumping on a training fad.  We have been in business for nearly 10 years, training and placing our students with our business partners.
  1. Other than our class-based courses we also offer you the option to study from the convenience of your own home. No commuting, you choose the hours when you study, you dictate your own pace and still get a fully national or international recognised qualification by the relevant awarding body, respective of the course you undertake.
  1. Moreover, if for any reason you do not have the funds to pay for the course upfront, we offer several payment options, from interest-free finance to government funding that allows you to start the course if you are 19 years old or over, and only have to pay for it when you graduate, and start earning more than £21k per year. If finding funds for your course is stopping you from starting your training, please call us on 0800 612 5188 to find out all of the other funding options we offer. Our trained friendly course advisers will do their utmost to assist you in overcoming barriers that might be obstructing you from taking the necessary training, to further your career.
  1. Compared to other providers, our courses offer excellent value for money, because our prices are super competitive, yet we do not cut corners when it comes to teaching and content quality.  You can rest assured when you buy from us that you are getting national and in some instances, international, recognised qualifications that can open the doors for you and take your career prospects to new heights.
  1. In some cases, you can undertake our courses and be qualified in a very short time, as soon as within 4 weeks, and start work soon thereafter. As it is the case with our Level 2 fitness instructor, which enables you to work as a gym/ fitness Instructor. We will offer you 2-year career support if you undertake any of our personal trainer courses.  When you qualify with us, we guarantee you a job interview with one our gym partners.




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