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The early stages of a new relationship might be all romance, dinner dates and cinema trips, but all this wining and dining can sometimes lead to a little ‘comfort weight’.Heart Shape Cups and Cookies

We recently looked into how Brits keep fit in a relationship and how the nation uses their partners to their advantage when exercising.

In the early stages of a relationship, 65% of loved up Brits admitted to gaining weight.

Although the first phase can be tough on your figure, we’ve found that 42% of British couple’s workout together! This can either be in the gym or at home but it goes to show that your workout partner can be your other half.

80% of thesLoving Sporty Couple Smiling at Each Othere couples even say that feeling the burn together is great, as their partner helps motivate them to stick to their goals and stay in shape.

Part of this motivation is due to the fact that 71% of the nation admitted that they exercise to look good for their partner.

But who are most likely to train together? We found that Manchester love birds (69%) are the most likely to train together, closely followed by Essex duos (64%), while Liverpool lovers (60%) scooped third place.



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