Why Should You Become a Mentor?

Should you, yes you, become a mentor?

We have all seen successful mentors and have heard their inspirational speeches and many of us have thought “I could do that!”.

Well, if you have ever considered becoming a mentor, Be a Better You offers an online course that can help you become a mentor in no time.

You could be helping others through your own experiences and motivating them to become better in their personal and professional lives.

But the question may still arise in your mind, “Why should I become a


If you are asking yourself this question right now, keep reading and see why we think you should become a mentor and what affect it can have on your life and the lives of others.

You have the potential to change a young person’s life.

Young people today are told many different things.

They are told how to dress, what career to choose, even what music to listen to.

A mentor can help them decide what is best for them be it academically or professionally.

You will stop thinking about yourself and focus on others.

Many of us are always so focused on our own anxieties that we are unable to see the big picture.

When we focus our energy on others, we can, in fact, help ourselves to feel better.

You are helping to build a better, more stable society.

One-to-one mentoring helps to create happier, more stable people.

Both adults and young people can benefit from mentoring and it can make society a better place for everyone.

The life you end up changing could be your own.

While working to change someone else’s life, you may notice that you are making a difference in your own.

You will learn a lot about yourself and what you can achieve by showing this to others.

Mentoring adults can open your eyes to the difficulties you are experiencing and may even provide a solution to your own problems.