Why Men Need Their Bro Time

Next time you want to pop out with a beer with the boys or go on a guys’ weekend away, maybe slide this post in your better half’s inbox – with a begging note of course.

Here, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why men need their time with other men. Notoriously, men have a harder time than women at maintaining bonds and men do have fewer friends on average. So, why exactly do they need what they don’t often have?

Men Have Fewer Friends – Why?

Despite what The Hangover trilogy would lead you to believe, it is well documented that men lose a significant number of their friends as they get older and have much fewer friends than women in later life. So, why is that?

1.       Men Prefer Experiences

Whereas women make their connections with other women by discussing feelings and the other aspects of their social life, men function differently. A man is engineered to bond with other men over experiences, such as a guys’ weekend, a fishing trip or attending the big game.

Thus, there are usually fewer opportunities to maintain those bonds compared to the frequency of when women meet up just for a catch-up.

2.       Work and Marriage Come First

In one study over two decades old, it was reported that males would sacrifice spending time with their friends for time in their office or with their partner. They prioritised their marriage and their professional life before prioritising their need to spend time with their buddies, but this wasn’t always done consciously. Life caught up with them and bonds had not been maintained. 

3.       Guys Don’t Share

It’s no big secret that guys are not the best at sharing their thoughts and feelings – ask any frustrated girlfriend or wife. Although this results in miscommunications within a romantic relationship, it results in less time being spent with male friends.

What’s the Issue?

If that’s the way men are then what’s the worry? The problem is evident when you realise the benefits of spending time with friends:

·       Social connections improve happiness

·       Spending time with friends can lower blood pressure and strokes are a major health concern among men

·       Friendship can reduce loneliness and depression. Men also have significantly higher suicide rates than women

·       Strong social connections may also help men to live longer

In a Nutshell

The bottom line is that spending time with friends is good for your physical and mental health, whether you are a man or a woman. Women are excellent social butterflies who are able to maintain these bonds, while men are not so good at keeping up with pals.

This means men are missing out on the benefits of ongoing friendships and connections. Simultaneously, they are not just missing out on the joys of friendship, but their health may also be compromised.

Fishing trip in the bag?