Which Is More Important, Exams Or Experience?


Employment opportunities are on the rise, but getting a job in your desired career continues to be a struggle for many.

As we often work with students who are starting on a new career path, we wanted to know what the most important assets are for Brits when building a new career.

Professional qualifications such as GCSE’s, university degrees and masters degrees were found to be the least valued by workers.

In fact, 37% of Brits believe industry specific experience or accreditation was actually more valuable than traditional qualifications.

However, there is no denying that some industry sectors such as legal, financial and health & fitness require specific qualifications.

Surprisingly, 55% of respondents claimed their job required a professional qualification, but less than half (41%) of their employers had requested evidence of their qualifications.

This is often a topic discussed at the Be A Better You headquarters and it’s interesting to see what Brits feel has the most impact on their carer success, experience or qualifications.

Students often turn to careers departments for advice, although 1 in 5 believe that they were not given enough or accurate information or careers guidance.

Are students being failed by the system that should be helping them reach their full potential?

Almost half (47%) said they were encouraged to consider university, while 29% said their careers advisors at school or college only discussed university courses with them, and didn’t cover any alternative training options.

We feel it’s important pupils and students are provided with honest, clear and accurate guidance on what options are available to them.

Unfortunately for many, the career advice they were given while they were in education simply was not sufficient, in terms of the routes available or funding outside of traditional education pathways.

What do you feel is more valuable qualifications or experience?

Do you feel you received accurate guidance on career options as a school or college leaver?