What Does Becoming a Better You Really Mean?

When you think about becoming a better version of yourself, what does that mean to you?

Does that mean losing weight and getting in shape, starting a new career and making more money, or something else that you are yet unsure of?

For many people, it could mean a combination of all of those things or improving on just one or two to become their perceived version of their ideal self.

Whatever becoming a better you means to you, it all starts with one thing.

Whether you want to lose weight and get fit, or you want to start a new career, the one thing that you should do to achieve your goal is to believe in yourself.

Yes, that may sound cliché or it may have been something you read on an inspirational poster in an insurance salesman’s office, but it holds a lot of truth.

If you believe in yourself, you can achieve almost anything. Look at those people who have the job you want, or the figure you have been struggling for.

They aren’t much different than you.

They do the same things you do, so why can’t you do what they are doing?

You can have that new career, you can lose weight, you can learn a new skill or start your own business.

You just have to believe that you can.

Is it really that easy? The answer to that is, unfortunately, no.

There will be obstacles.

People will challenge you with their words and you will start to doubt yourself.

You can’t let the way others feel affect the way you feel.

You have a goal and that goal is yours.

Only you know what it feels like to want that goal and only you will know what it feels like to achieve it.

Don’t let others dissuade you and continue to believe in yourself.

If you have to write it on a Post-It note and stick it to your fridge, your bathroom mirror or your desk, do it.

This will remind you that you can do anything you put your mind to.