Surprising Ways Sex Benefits Your Health

Sexual health is a huge area, and there are many things that are still not understood by everyone. One area that may surprise you though, is the sheer number of benefits that sex can provide, beyond the obvious. In fact, the list below may well surprise you.


People with good sex lives are less sick

It’s true. Someone who enjoys a healthy sex life with regular sexual intercourse can look forward to feeling generally a whole lot better than those who do not. A certain antibody that protects you against germs and other nasties is boosted by sexual activity.

Researchers at a US university found that students who reported a regular sex life were absent for fewer days. This shows that regular, healthy sex can actually boost your immune system.

The pelvic floor will thank you

For women, incontinence can be something that makes life very difficult. At some point in their lives, 30% of women will suffer from it. The pelvic floor ‘work’ that goes into sex can reduce the chances of this happening. Sex is a great workout of the pelvic floor muscles, which will ensure you have potentially fewer problems in the future.

Lowering blood pressure

Research has proven that sex can also help with a crucial aspect of your health going forwards. Sex lowers your blood pressure. The systolic blood pressure measurement is significantly lowered after sex.

Your heart

This is really a big deal. Regular sex lowers the chance of you having heart disease later. It’s been proven that this is the case. One study found that participants who had sex at least twice a week were less likley to die of heart disease than those who didn’t.

Pain blocker

One of the lesser-known benefits of regular sex is pain relief. That’s right, regular sex can lead to actual reduction of pain sensations. There have been numerous studies that have shown this to be true.

This is because sexual stimulation releases a hormone that literally helps raise your pain threshold. This may not mean you can walk through a wall of fire unharmed, but it does mean that some people have seen pain-lowering results. Women, for example, have found that having an orgasm reduces the effects of back pain.

It helps you to sleep better

Sex releases a hormone called Prolactin. This only gets done after an orgasm. The result is relaxation and some feelings of sleepiness. It can lead to a better night’s sleep, in other words. Many people fall asleep after sex, and this is why.


Having intercourse also goes a long way to tackling any stress you might feel. Holding someone and being intimate with them releases some hormones that make you feel more relaxed.

Intercourse frees up the hormones in your brain, and this brings about changes in other areas, such as your self-esteem.

While sex may be a lot of fun, it’s a very complex process. From pain relief to a reduction in the amount of stress you experience each day, it’s a powerful thing that can bring huge benefits to your life.