Sportswear For All Occasions

The Athleisure fashion trend has reached new heights and we are seeing gym bunnies across the nation kitted out in the latest workout gear and accessories, but are they really on their way to or from the gym?

Here at Be A Better You we conducted some research into the growing trend of athleisure and activewear for every day amongst Brits.

Surprisingly, the research revealed that 65% of Brits are rocking active wear even though they are not working out.

So where can you spot the fashion addicts who are not planning on breaking a sweat in their gym gear:

72% say they wear their workout clothes to go shopping

1 in 2 say they go out for food sporting their gym gear

19% would dare to sport athleisure to work

7% said they would attend a date in their active chic outfit

This growing trend of wearing activewear for every day has been inspired by celebrities such as Kendal and Kylie Jenner, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora wearing their athleisure looks for everyday activities and errands.

In fact, 1 in 3 say they have been inspired to wear their workout gear outside of the gym, after seeing a celebrity do the same.

Recently the trend even inspired a viral video on social media, mocking those who wear their gym clothes in social situations.

We also decided to quiz Brits on the reasons why they wear workout clothes outside of the gym.

55% opt for gym gear because of comfort (which we completely agree with) and 42% find their workout wear more flattering on their body.

We find it fascinating to see just how many brits are embracing gym fashion for everyday life.

It’s not surprising as workout wear is comfortable and breathable however, we are not sure how suitable it may be for the more traditional office environment.

Liverpool was found to be the UK’s capital of gym bunny fashion with 71% of scousers saying they wear their workout clothes day to day closely followed by Birmingham.

What do you think?

Are you guilty of rocking gym gear without even considering a workout?

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