How To Boost Your Emotional Health

One area of health that many people tend to neglect is emotional health. Believe it or not, we can be very vulnerable to serious problems if we don’t take care of our emotional health. In this article we are going to look at how this happens, and hopefully find a few things we can do to make things better.

People who are emotionally healthy are more robust, and able to deal with the vast majority of life’s challenges. They are more in control of their thoughts and their actions, and more able to manage distress or anxiety. They will spend a lot of their time achieving more and being more productive, as well as helping other people.

Research has shown that having good emotional health is important. It has also proven that you can build up your emotional health, almost like practicing a skill. It’s possible that you can even build emotional health over time, so that you will become a lot more emotionally healthy than you were previously.

There are a number of ways you can build up your emotional health. What follows is a list if these ways and how they are applied, but bear in mind this is not an exhaustive list and cannot replace contact with your physician.

● Express yourself. It is not right to bottle up your feelings inside all the time. If you are feeling sad or angry, for example, people need to know this. It is much healthier to discuss your feelings or at least express them. The more you hide things inside, the more likely they will grow and become something more harmful.

● Practice thinking before doing. If something happens and you can feel the emotion coming into play, if it is negative try and think before you do anything. This relates to screaming or throwing stuff at people, or even just saying something hurtful to someone else. Think first, and you will start to train your brain to become more capable of managing emotions.

● Cut down on stress. One of the best ways to cut down on stress is to avoid stressful situations. This may seem like you are running away, but it helps if you just aren’t exposed to stressors.

● Start to cultivate social connections. We feel less stress and worry if we can share time with others. It’s absolutely vital that you do socialise if your emotional health is at risk. It’s important to remember that if someone is able to share their problems with someone else, it can really help. Also, just the very act of being around people can cut stress levels dramatically.

● Finally, develop a focus that is actually on the positive rather than the negative. If you are able to practice thinking about the good things in your life rather than the negative issues, you will find that this changes your outlook significantly. This will boost your emotional health and allow you to feel more control.

● Exercise. Good physical exercise helps to relax you, de-stress you and also focus your mind on more positive things.

If you are suffering from issues around emotional health, try and integrate some of these ideas into your life. You may find that they help.

Mental HealthSimon B