How Solo Travel Can Be Used as Self Development

Solo travel has not only increased over the last decade, but it has increased in spite of relationship status or number of like-minded friends. More people are choosing to book solo trips so they do not have to compromise on location or things to do. This way of exploring the world and gaining some “me time” can be rewarding in lots of ways, but it can certainly help you to develop as a person.

Want more reasons to explore sun-drenched Italian towns or the foothills of The Blue Ridge Mountains on your own? Well, here they are…

1.      Solo Travel Develops Independence

Solo travel is one of the sure-fire ways of making sure you become independent and accountable for our own decisions. When you have to make sure you are heading in the right direction, will get to the airport on time, have accommodation sorted and remember to feed yourself, you quickly learn the value of independence.

Have you been accused of being lazy, entitled or just in the middle of a rut? A solo trip may get you back on your own two feet!

2.      Solo Travel Combats Social Anxiety

Social anxiety has been described as an epidemic within younger generations – so how does grabbing a backpack and a map help? The obvious answer is that it gets those that do have these issues out and about in public. However, solo travel does more than that.

When you travel solo you are forced to interact with other people, whether it’s from booking accommodation, ordering a meal for one (yes going to a restaurant alone!) to mingling with other travellers. Biting the bullet may seem scary but when it’s the only thing you can do, it can really help sufferers overcome mental health problems like these.

3.      Solo Travel Helps You Reflect

The familiar saying that you can't see the wood for the trees didn’t come around by accident. It is often very difficult to understand a situation when you are close to it or entangled within it. Solo travel helps you escape that closeness and evaluate situations from afar. That’s why we ask for advice, why authors have editors - and why you may need to take a solo trip soon.

A solo trip is much better at seeking clarity because it gives us more time alone or more time without others that are involved in a situation or decision.

4.      Solo Travel Creates Innovation

If you have been feeling a bit lost lately and are not sure where your life is heading, throwing a dart at a map and taking flight can seem like the perfect escape. Some people may view your decision as selfish, especially if you decide to go travelling in the middle of life. What these people don’t realise is how many inventions and startups were born through travelling.

Entering into new cultures can help you to see familiar situations and problems differently. These realisations may quickly turn into an innovative product, a bright idea and your next career!

All packed? Whether you want to battle a mental health issue or try and find a new career, solo travel is the ideal remedy for self-development.