Holistic Nutrition

What is Holistic Nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is a healthy back to basics diet using a natural and more broader approach whilst focusing on the person as a whole and working with the mind, body and spirit together and bringing balance to your life.

The aim is to get each individual to have a healthy relationship with food. Unlike most other diets which can end in failure because each and every one of us are different and these won’t work for all of us.

It also takes into consideration our health needs, our lifestyle, our beliefs and our personal preferences.

Holistic Nutrition is not just another ‘fad diet’. It can apply to everybody as it treats us all as individuals and provides an eating plan specifically to our individual lifestyles.

It is not based on making you lose drastic amounts of weight and restrict your eating but to improve your relationship with food and focus on you having a healthy, happy lifestyle.

How do I introduce Holistic Nutrition to my life?

The best way to get started with Holistic Nutrition is to get in touch with a Holistic Nutritionist.

The Nutritionist will spend some time getting to know you and going through every aspect of your life to build a food plan that is right for you and working with you to understand your goals.

If after some time, you feel as though it isn’t meeting your needs, it can be adapted until you find the correct plan for you.

Many people are interested in reducing their stress levels, getting more sleep or losing some weight by living a healthy lifestyle without massive restrictions.

Your nutritionist will aim to help you achieve your goals whilst maintaining a healthy diet and helping you to feel your best. They will then incorporate a diet into your lifestyle that matches your wants and needs so you are able to sustain it.

A holistic diet generally consists of organic and natural foods as well as natural holistic supplements to meet your health needs.

Nutrients from food are essential for our body to function correctly and regenerate muscle, bone, blood and fat and Holistic Nutrition is about finding the foods that work best for us.

The best, natural foods suggested for Holistic Nutrition are:

• Wholegrains

• Nuts

• Seeds

• Fish

• Beans

• Fruit

You can also uses herbs and spices to flavour your food as well as sea salt, unrefined sesame oil, virgin olive oil and natural sweeteners.

In order for Holistic Nutrition to be successful, you must enter it with an open mind.

You need to work together with your Nutrionist and consider any suggestions in order to achieve the best results for you. All plans are tailored to you as an individual and aim for you to be the healthiest you can be.

When Holistic Nutrition is well and truly incorporated it your life, it should start to make you feel happier, give you more energy, improve your mental well being as well as your physical wellbeing and generally improve your life as a whole.

NutritionSimon B