Broscience: Busted

‘Broscience’ is the new trend where British fitness fanatics are being misled by common fitness myths and incorrect fitness and nutrition facts.

We recently looked into this growing trend and found that more than half (55%) of misled Brits believe doing lots of crunches will result in weight loss.

Gym-goers admitted to not being as clued up as they think, 92% of Brits failed to identify the broscience myths amongst genuine diet and fitness facts.

1 in 3 believe if their body is not crying out in pain the next day, they have not worked hard enough during their workout.

27% believe the ‘no carbs before marbs’ rule and think they can’t lose weight if they eat white carbohydrates such as bread or potatoes.

And it’s not just the food that the Brits are mistaken about, 1 in 5 believe a workout is a complete waste of time without taking the correct supplements or lots of protein before or after the exercise.

42% of women believe that lifting weights will make their appearance look more masculine.

There is nothing worse than spending all those hours in the gym and cutting out all your favourite foods if you are not going to get the results you want. Do your research and you can enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle if you stick to the old school rule: ‘everything in moderation’.

Have you been fooled by ‘Broscience’ or do you stick to the golden rule? Let us know!

Physical, NutritionSimon B