Are You Beach Body Ready?

We all love to look and feel our best when we go on holiday, don’t we? With summer officially starting in just a few weeks, we decided to look into how and when body-conscious Brits begin kick-starting their health regime.

From the 76% of Brits who admitted their new year diet had come to an end by the 1st February, it was the month of May when most of the panic about their summer body sets in.

Although the majority of Brits don’t uphold their fit and healthy start to the year for more than a couple of months, it seems British holiday-goers take getting ‘beach body ready’, very seriously.

So, when does it begin? 53% of Brits admit to dieting between 4-6 weeks ahead of their summer holiday, with only 21% dieting for more than 6 weeks.

However 11% of UK adults admitted to leaving it until the last minute and crash dieting one week ahead of their holiday.

It’s surprising that more than half of Brits (56%) choose this method of achieving their beach body in preparation for a summer holiday rather than maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle all year round.

Crash diets take a lot of willpower and are very difficult, they can be both mentally and physically damaging to your health. Many will not allow the time for recovery between workouts or consume enough calories to fuel their bodies.

As well as being a great time to unwind, holidays do motivate us to be healthier, however rather than dieting and hitting the gym hard just a few weeks before only to go back to old habits or binge while you’re away, it would be better to continue to work out and maintain a healthy diet during and post-holiday.

Are you guilty of summer holiday crash dieting? If not what are your top tips for feeling beach body ready?

PhysicalSimon B