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Why Should You Become a Mentor?

Should you, yes you, become a mentor? We have all seen successful mentors and have heard their inspirational speeches and many of us have thought “I could do that!”. Well, if you have ever considered becoming a mentor, Be a Better You offers an online course that can help you become a mentor in no […]

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Gym Bunnies and Fittest Cities in the UK infographic

A recent survey we conducted questioned gym bunnies and fitness fans across the nation on their dietary and exercise habits. The research revealed that the north is leading the way for fittest cities in the UK. Take a look at the results in the infographic below.  

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What is a 19+ Learning Loan and How Does It Work?

While it seems that students attending university are the only ones to have access to student loans and financial aid, a relatively new loan program, the 19+ Learning Loan, is providing financial aid to distance learners. Now, those working towards a certification, no longer have to focus on the cost of their education more than […]

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Personal Training Courses to Shape Your Future

Do you want a job that could lead to a rewarding career? Maybe you are stuck in a job that you don’t like but are concerned that training for a new one could cost a lot of money? Whatever your reason for wanting a new job, one that will make you feel good about yourself, […]

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Celebrity summer body fitspiration

CELEBRITY SUMMER BODY FITSPIRATION Hair, makeup, interiors and fashion, as a nation we often turn to celebs for inspiration, but usually on a smaller budget. However, celebrity inspiration doesn’t stop there, we recently carried out some research which revealed that Brits also turn to celebs for fitspiration. In fact, almost half (45%) of the 2,000 […]

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Career Path- Beabetteryou in UK


WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT, EXAMS OR EXPERIENCE? Employment opportunities are on the rise, but getting a job in your desired career continues to be a struggle for many. As we often work with students who are starting on a new career path, we wanted to know what the most important assets are for Brits when […]

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Writing in office- Be A Better You in UK

Pursue the career of your dreams

PURSUE THE CAREER OF YOUR DREAMS We often meet Be A Better You students who have reached that point in their lives when they are ready to make a career change and break into a new industry. As we are adding more new courses to our current offering, we wanted to find out just how […]

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How to Begin Tackling Obesity

How to Begin Tackling Obesity Overeating and poor nutritional management are becoming the leading causes of a wide range of chronic illnesses, one of the most severe being obesity. This condition is followed by all manner of health complications, such as type 2 diabetes and a heavily increased vulnerability to strokes and heart disease. Many […]

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Being A Good Friend – How To Tell If Someone Is Depressed

Being A Good Friend – How To Tell If Someone Is Depressed With the passing of Robin Williams at this own hands, the world was shocked upon discovering just how unhappy the seemingly hyperactive and passionate actor and comedian actually was. While his death was a tragedy for all he entertained and amused without end […]

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