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ARE YOU BEACH BODY READY? We all love to look and feel our best when we go on holiday, don’t we? With summer officially starting in just a few weeks, we decided to look into how and when body-conscious Brits begin kick-starting their health regime. From the 76% of Brits who admitted their new year […]

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SPORTSWEAR FOR ALL OCCASIONS The Athleisure fashion trend has reached new heights and we are seeing gym bunnies across the nation kitted out in the latest workout gear and accessories, but are they really on their way to or from the gym? Here at Be A Better You we conducted some research into the growing […]

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The importance of communication and team building in the workplace

The Problem The ability to communicate with each other is one of the most essential business skills to have. If we cannot communicate with those we are working with then things can become very difficult indeed. So why don’t people communicate effectively? Well there are a number of reasons, but the main one we have […]

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Improve Your Skills

Have you ever wondered why you were passed up for a promotion even though you have more experience than the person who got the job? What did they have that you didn’t? Perhaps a better way to look at it is, “what did they do differently to help their career development and receive a promotion?” […]

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The danger of pseudo experts

Admit it, you follow at least one health and fitness influencer on social media? It’s okay, we get it, we all need some fitness motivation from time to time. But, have you ever considered whether that person is certified to give us advice? Well, with health and fitness gurus dominating social media at the moment, […]

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Fitness competition among friends

Being competitive and setting goals is a sure-fire way to commit yourself to increasing your fitness level, but we found that fit Brits are taking their exercise regimes to new extremes by going head to head with friends and family. We’re are not saying that being competitive is a bad thing, but, the lengths that […]

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Couple Running Togetrher on a Bridge

Couples That Train Together, Stay Together

The early stages of a new relationship might be all romance, dinner dates and cinema trips, but all this wining and dining can sometimes lead to a little ‘comfort weight’. We recently looked into how Brits keep fit in a relationship and how the nation uses their partners to their advantage when exercising. In the […]

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Woman lifting weights

Broscience: BUSTED

‘Broscience’ is the new trend where British fitness fanatics are being misled by common fitness myths and incorrect fitness and nutrition facts. We recently looked into this growing trend and found that more than half (55%) of misled Brits believe doing lots of crunches will result in weight loss. Gym-goers admitted to not being as […]

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Stretching Tips From Our Personal Trainers

Flexibility is a core component of fitness and without it you can impair your posture and your overall performance. Certain activities like jogging and cycling can lead to muscle tightness and adaptive shortening. This can all be avoided with a bit of stretching. In our personal trainer course you’ll learn all sorts of stretching methods […]

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Box 2 Beat Cancer

Kicking Cancer into Submission Ovarian Cancer Action is the UK’s leading ovarian cancer charity, dedicated to improving survival rates for women with ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is currently the UK’s most deadly gynaecological disease, with over 7,000 cases diagnosed every year. Ovarian Cancer Action has launched a new fundraising campaign specifically for the fitness industry. […]

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Train With Us And Receive An Amazon Voucher

Now is the perfect time to get qualified as a Personal Trainer. Signup for one of our December courses and you’ll get a holiday gift! Do a little holiday shopping on us. To show our appreciation, we’re giving our December students a £100 Amazon Gift Card! You can use this voucher towards any purchase on […]

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