“Excellent value for money, and if you have any problems the tutors are only a phone call away which is great. A worthy investment in money and time doing this course.”



Hello Stuart Good morning, I hope you are doing alright and everything is ok. I am one of the students that was studying with be a better you. I managed to pass the course in March and I will be starting my career at pure gym in Wandsworth. I am just messaging you to let you know I am truly grateful for what you guys put together and the course was perfect and fun. It also allowed me to be a lot more confident in fitness and health itself, as well as increased my knowledge in personal training. I just wanted to say thank you and I wish to stay in contact and learn more from you.

Michael Ewusi

L2 Fitness instructor and L3 Personal trainer

I felt that the course material was put together better than other companies that i came across.i felt more at ease training with be a better you. After much searching for a decent company for online studies i came across be a better you.after reading the info on there website i paid for the course instantly and all my stuff was in my email straight away the hardback manual came as well about a week later. the course material was fantastic and i thoroughly enjoyed studying with be a better you.i passed my gym instructors and then went on to do my personal training.Be a better you has changed my life both for my own training as a bodybuilder and for my future. i want to say a big thank you to Simon Bubb and Sam Nicoll for your total support when i needed you.will be studying with you guys again.

David Evans

Personal training reps level 3

I live and work abroad and when I came across Be A Better You I was thrilled to see that they had the exact course I wanted in a way that was possible for me to complete it. I was told there were no huge time pressures, which fitted in well with my job. The course was well structured and I received good support.

Rebecca Shannon

Active IQ Level 2 Gym + L3 Personal Trainer qualification

My experience with Be A Better was excellent because i got the best and professional tutors. i learnt very new things about health and fitness in normal life. i say thanks to Be A Better for providing me such a good qualification. thanks

Muhammad Tayyeb

Blended learning Level 2 Gym and L3 PT course

Really helped with getting my dream career on track. So greatful.

Nyall Simms

Distance Learning Level 2 Gym

Choosing Be A Better You was a great decision. Training is very professional, great tutors, always supportive and on hand to help. Its a great value for money compared to others. I really enjoyed the whole experience, learn a lot and made new friends. I would happily recommend BABY to all my friends.

Iva Bednarova

CYQ Fitness Instructor Level 2 and Personal Trainer Level 3

This personal training course allowed me to extend exist practical skills of gym sessions utilisation for adults. I have learnt much about training approaches and its importance in relation to a specific fitness goal (weight loss, muscle gain, etc). I highly recommend this course to everyone with basic knowledge of the fitness training, You will find out more useful information and practical skills. This was a very useful personal trainer course with necessary information about nutrition, physical assessment and practical utilisation of training approaches in the gym environment. Thank you so much, especially to John. He was describing all training approaches and methods in the simple way. So the course was useful to me and very interesting.

Anastasia Shedvko

Blended Learning Level 3 Personal Trainer course

Having studied with be a better you, I found their course content very informative I also found the support I received from my tutor to be 1st class at every stage during my course.

Demelza Stevenson

Active IQ Level 2 Gym qualification

I’m a single mum to a three year-old girl. Keeping fit has always been a big part of my life, I am trained in ballet and modern contemporary dances. So I wanted to do something I actually enjoy. A friend of mine recommended Be A Better You as a good training provider. I got in touch with them and I was really impressed with the level of customer service; the staff was helpful, friendly and very professional. I felt that at Be A Better You, I’d get the training I was looking for, and I decided to enrol with them. I studied the Level 3 Personal Training Diploma blended course. The course was well structured and within 9 weeks I managed to become a qualified trainer. I am not sure I can put into words how brilliant my tutors Matt and Tim were, and just how much they have done for me. I learnt more than I’d imagined, also many valuable hard and soft skills that are extremely helpful when you work as a fitness instructor. Be A Better You Training have helped me a lot; they set up job interviews with a couple of Gyms in London. I was then invited in for an interview a couple of days later, and I now work for Fitness First as part time Fitness Instructor. This position fits perfectly around my daughter’s needs. I would definitely recommend Be A Better You Training to everyone who is looking to start their careers in the Fitness Industry.

Federica Maestri

Level 3 Personal Training Diploma blended course

I originally picked Be A Better You as they are part of REPS approved training providers; my goal was to earn a REPS recognized qualification. I enrolled in the AIQ Level 2 Gym Instructor course and was glad I did! I found the overall material of the course very useful and resourceful to becoming a better practitioner. The information within the modules are well referenced and usable; I can see myself continuously using this information down the road. For potential online users – the tutors are always there via e-mail and are happy to help whenever you are struggling with the course material. You receive regular updates on the assessment days so depending on how you are progressing (and how well you do on the mock exams) you could head for the closer date or wait until a later date. They also gave me feedback in different areas which helped me get through the course smoothly. I also gained feedback on my instructing style which contributed towards me becoming a better practitioner. Overall a great course which I learned a lot from. I would highly recommend it to you as it really does help you become a better you!

Joshua Samuel - De.Gale

AIQ Level 2 Gym Instructor

They were the cheapest and had a very good reputation from online reviews. I chose Be a better you for their reputation and value for money, and they certainly delivered. With the distance learning I was able to do everything at my pace so that enabled me to stay in my job. Also the communication with tutors was excellent. Definitely recommend.

Robert Jackson

Level 2 Gym Instruction

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it was fun, informative and generally great value for money. The tutors were excellent making the course very enjoyable considering the amount of learning needed to be completed. All together I was very pleased with the course throughout. Many thanks Simon, Karen and Sam.

Jonathan Lewis

Weekend Level 2 Gym + L3 PT course

Facilities are excellent, when ringing around I found that the people were confident and had all the answers to my questions, they seemed trust worthy and professional. The course ran smoothly and in a professional manor.

Kesleigh Long

CYQ Level 2 Gym qualification

“I chose Be A Better You over other training providers because they have a better reputation. Sam Nicoll is an Awesome teacher!! I thoroughly enjoyed the PT Course! The facilities at Reebok gym were outstanding & the tutors were very skilled in teaching both theory & practical elements of the Course! Great Value for Money too !!”



From an early age health and fitness was a huge passion of mine, playing various sports with my school teams was all I did. It was clearly evident that I wanted to be involved with sports and fitness when I grew up. After many years of playing sports I decided to take my fitness to the next level so I decided to join a gym like many and fell in love with becoming a better person. I started to see results fast so I set goals and achieved these quicker than I thought possible, with this though I started to notice that other trainees were not achieving their goals this is when I thought I can definitely help here and be a positive impact on someone’s life. I started to speak with many people in my local gym and made many new friends. I used to get asked how do I do this or that I ended up basically coaching people so I thought well if I want to do this properly I am going to need a qualification so I know what to do. It’s ok for me to tell people what I do to get results but everyone is different so I need to learn and find out how I can help. This is where my search for a training provider began and I came across Be A Better You and many others. It was quite a minefield out there so I needed to do my homework, first I needed to know what is it required then how can I get there.

After speaking with many providers I was really impressed with the service I received from Be A Better You it was like they tailored the course to me from study options to payment it was all covered. I was confident I was making the right choice so I decided to enrol. I studied the Level 2 and Level 3 Personal training Diploma over a period of 9 weeks. The time flew by because the course delivery was everything I could want it to be. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We were in a real gym with real members this really helped me grow in confidence because it was the real thing. The course was structured in a way that you had time to understand and digest what you were being taught everyone is different and learns better in various ways our tutor catered for this really well and their experience shined through.

After passing I was more than ready to get out helping people, Be A Better You also helped me make the first step into the industry as a trainer. It was a very smooth transition from being a student with a qualification to actually being a PT up and running. We were invited to various different health clubs that had vacancies and also were helped with creating our own businesses.

After been unemployed for several months, I am now a competitive athlete self-employed personal trainer and I am also working towards becoming a qualified tutor and assessor myself so I can further help more people become great trainers who can then help more people lead a more active and healthier life.

I would fully recommend Be A Better You to anyone who is serious about becoming the best personal trainer they can be. You will be supported along every step of the way from the first phone call to getting into the industry and training your first client.

Remus Petrescu

Personal Training Diploma Level 3 - Blended learning

I chose Be A Better You because of good reviews and price. I would recommend both level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 personal trainer as the course content is very extensive and the tutor support is fantastic and very thorough.

Colin Drew

Distance learning level 3 personal trainer

Price was fair. Lifetime experience, really active 7 weeks with awesome people around, including the instructors and my classmates.

Balazs Lezancsek

LVL 2 Fitness instructor and LVL 3 Personal trainer

I would like to take this opportunity to say that it has been great completing the PT course with you guys; some very knowledgable and informative tutors that have been a pleasure to work with, as well as made some great friends along the way.


L3 Personal trainer diploma

My friend recommended Be A Better You to me. Now I recommend Be A Better You! Great training and student support.

Aneta Srodon

CYQ Level 2 Gym course

I picked Be A Better You over other companies because of the cost of the course and location. John Fotiadis was very helpful throughout the course and took the time to explain the topics clearly. The facilities at the gym are also excellent and provide a great place to learn.

Michael McLeary

CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma course

“My experience with be a better you was excellent. The option to give the exams wherever and whenever was more convenient to me was what i was looking for. i would definitely choose be a better you in the future for any courses i may look for and recommend it to friends/colleagues.”



I would fully recommend Be A Better You Training. The course was instructive but still good fun. The tutors Sam and Karen were friendly and supportive and the Reebok Gym couldn’t have been a better place to learn. I thought it was all pretty good. I thought the course would good value for money, the tutors were excellent and I enjoyed having Karen for a bit of variety. Sam was helpful and supportive. Assessments were good feedback was useful. Customer service no problems at all e-mail responses were quick helpful etc. The only thing i would say is that i thought that the course booklets could have been available a little earlier so that I could have spend time before the course studying especially the level 3 ones. Overall very happy.

Alex Dore

Level 2 gym instructor and level 3 Personal Training

The option to study by Distance Learning and great value for money made me decide to book with Be A Better You Cannot fault the service as I had some personal things going on and took a while to get my course work started, but Simon was very patient and helpful, which encouraged me to continue and finish the course. I would and already have recommended BABY to others. I found it a great way to learn and I could do it at my own pace with help on hand whenever you needed it and the response was always very quick.

Isabel Lean

Level 2 Gym Instructor course by Distance learning

Simon was most helpful on a number of occasions. Always answered the phone or email promptly. A great help. First class service. They had the best package that I could afford. I am 49 years old and have been involved in the fitness industry for a number of years, I started as a lifeguard in my local council run pool when I was in my early 20′s and went on to become a gym instructor, triathlon coach and swimming teacher. I decided to upgrade my qualifications as I have been doing other things for the last ten years. I found the course stimulating, although at first a little daunting because of the in depth information. I soon got into studying again and was most impressed with the course content, the support of my tutor through distance learning and the depth of knowledge I had gained at the end of the course. I am currently continuing with my studies and hope to complete the AIQ level 3 personal training qualification soon. I would certainly recommend the course to others who are already working and cannot afford the time or money to attend training in person.

Steve Hopper

Level 2 gym instructor by Distance learning

“Just dropping you an email to let you know that since my Level 2 and 3 Instructor/ Personal Training course with beabetteryou back in November last year I have landed firmly on the ground with a Personal Training position in a reputable gym in London. With 5 clients after only 2 weeks of starting, and my own classes in the club, things couldn’t be going better! A great industry to be in. Onwards and upwards.”



Be A Better You is an excellent health & fitness training provider. I completed their fast track Personal Training Level 3 course and I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to improve their career development. The staff were professional & the education material & support was excellent!

Paul Johnston

Personal Training Level 3 Test centre, Essex

Customer service was good and I chose Be A Better You because it had good reviews. Overall they were very helpful.

Andy Harvie

Distance learning Level 2 fitness instructor course

I chose Be A Better You because of their good reputation, price, and location

Rolandas Gliaubicius

REPS Level 2 Gym Instructor and REPS Level 3 PT

“This manner of training oneself independently is very convenient. You can work at your own pace for as long as you wish, and have direct access to the tutors, and the online video database at your disposal. The learning materials are more than sufficient. Many thanks to my tutor for putting up with my queries! And most of all, you will not find a more beatable price. Best value for money out of all the possible fitness instructing courses in london!”



“My friend recommended Be A Better You to me. Now I recommend Be A Better You! Great training and student support.”



” I picked Be A Better You because of the cost and that it was all online/ dvd submission.”



“Great course provider would recommend.”



“I completed my fitness instructor course from home. I did not have a problem completing the exams as the materials that were provided were very thorough. Any questions which I did have were swiftly answered by my tutor who was always ready and willing to help when called upon. I would and have recommended this company to other colleagues who are looking to up-skill themselves.”



If you are previously qualified personal trainer who needs a REPs recognised qualification, the fast track course is excellent. It contains all the information you need to pass the tests and you set the pace.

Errol Richardson

Fast Track Level 3 Personal Trainer for Degree graduates

It has taken me a little longer than expected as I was home studying but the course material and support i received from Be a better you was fantastic. I was helped on each step of my course was felt that I continually had the support of the team. I have now finished my level 3 PT and feel ready to start a new career in the fitness industry.

Charlotte Gerard

Personal trainer course diploma -distance learning, Abu Dhabi

Fantastic customer service, very responsive and timely. Be A Better you had fantastic communication and feedback when I sent in assignments or had questions. The level of customer service is what would bring me back.

Jenna-Caer Seefried

Reps 2 & 3 fitness instructor course and personal trainer course

“Great value for money, excellent tutors”



“From the moment I enrolled on the course I received friendly efficient service, my course material arrived promptly and I felt assured there was help at hand. Any problems or queries I had were answered promptly via email or phonecall.”



“Fantastic support and timely communication. I found a job immediately and have retained clients because of their client care section.



“The course was useful and I learned a lot during this time ,was more than I expected!”



“Was the first company that I realised distance learning exists. The live chat proved to be most convenient to ask about the course. Great course providers, will be doing many courses with them in the near future.”



“ I found that it just suited everything I needed for studying. Other providers were too difficult and just didn’t seem very professional. I loved training with be a better you excellent service and great help and support from Simon Bubb and Sam Nicoll. This company has changed my life and I thank you all very much.”

Suzy Clench

Gym instructor reps level 2 and Personal trainer reps level 3