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A day in the life of a Fitness Instructor
6am: I pulled the short straw and got the early shift today. Actually I don’t mind starting at 6.00am as the day seems to go a lot quicker than usual.Had to wait for reception to show up with the keys. They’re always late!
First thing is to get all the cardio machines, TV and music system switched on. I’m already fed up of listening to Lady Gaga, but it’s what the people want :)Then it’s time to do a pool check and make sure the chemicals are in good range and the temperature is comfortable, fortunately it’s all working (at the moment). When the pool isn’t working properly all hell breaks loose and being a fitness instructor is like being the riot police.I move on the changing rooms and tidy up even though the night cleaners were supposed to have done that.Members are already waiting outside the front door. I swear if we didn’t lock it people would be in here before us! Don’t understand how they can exercise so early. I suppose it gets training out of the way and sets the mind and body up for a positive start to the day.
7am: I have my first induction at 7.30am so I decide to tidy up the weights area then the office. Those guys I work with are filthy. We girls keep things nice and tidy then the guys mess it all up with their stinky trainers. Not fair.
7.45am: Anyway, my first member shows up for his induction. He’s not in terrible shape but has no body awareness and poor posture. We chat for a while about his goals and exercise history and I take some notes. This is one of my favourite parts of my job; getting to listen to people and come up with programmes to help them achieve their goals. Always satisfying, if they stick with the programme! So I get him to warm up on the bike, while I write down some basic exercises for him. We go through the programme together and I push him a bit but not so much that he won’t walk tomorrow :)  When he’s done I set up another session to check his progress.
9am: The gym gets quieter as members go to work. This gives me a chance to tidy up. I double check the rota to make sure I don’t have too many mornings in a row. I do, so I complain to the fitness manager, who in turn tells me to go out there and promote some protein shakes! Always with the targets; how many members have you spoken to?, how many inductions have you done?; how many proteins shakes have you sold? It’s a non-stop money making machine. If I wanted to be so focused on money and targets I’d just do a personal trainer course!
10am: Check the pool again. It’s a touch under the norm, so I adjust the settings on the control panel to bring it back within range. Will check again in 30 mins.
11am: See how quickly the day goes!I’m on to my 2nd induction. Basically I have to show this new member how to use the various cv and weights kit. It’s not a massive gym but it’ll take at least 40 minutes

12pm: I’m off to teach my circuits class. I learnt how to do a basic circuit class on my level 2 fitness instructor course and I get a paid a bit extra for it. Gets me out of the gym and I can train myself too!

1pm: That member who always tries to chat me up is in. Can’t really avoid contact as it’s my job to be friendly but OMG does he test my patience.

1.30pm: Member complains that he can’t see the cricket, so I try to tune the TV but our sport channel isn’t showing. I call Sky and they say we don’t have that particular package. He wasn’t pleased, so he decided to complain about the music volume instead. So I turned it down, then someone else complained the music volume was too low. ARGGHHH!

2pm: Cleaning duty – I wipe down all the cv and weights machines and dust behind the weight stack. Some of the staff here (who shall remain nameless) simply aren’t pulling their weight. There’s no way this place should get so dirty in the two days that I’ve been off. The members here aren’t too bad with putting away the weight plates. I’ve seen other gyms where every single plate and dumbbell is on the floor and no members put them back. I feel sorry for those fitness instructors!

3pm: Meeting with the fitness manager to discuss targets, again. Haven’t hit targets in a while and she’s breathing down my neck to sell more stuff and do more of everything. I’m constantly busy so I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do.
Home time :)

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