While it seems that students attending university are the only ones to have access to student loans and financial aid, a relatively new loan program, the 19+ Learning Loan, is providing financial aid to distance learners. Now, those working towards a certification, no longer have to focus on the cost of their education more than the learning aspect of it. This is helping thousands of students across the UK to find a new career without having to spend thousands of pounds and attend university.

What is the 19+ Learning Loan? This is a type of loan created for distance learners to help cover the costs of their courses enabling them to find a career in an industry they want to be a part of. Perfect for adults who want to continue their education and find courses that meet online or face-to-face, the 19+ Learning Loan can make going back to school affordable.

With a minimum amount that you can borrow of £300, students can use the money to completely cover the costs of their courses, or they could use the loan and their own funds to pay for their education. Applying for the 19+ Learning Loan is easy and the funds are diverted directly to the course provider making it convenient as well. Borrowers can apply for up to 4 loans and a time and take out several at once. The 19+ Learning Loan is perfect for those who want to hold multiple qualifications.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the 19+ Learning Loan, you must be 19 years of age and older, a resident of the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man for at least 3 years and be taking an accredited course. Meet those requirements and you will have a convenient way to pay for your distance learning courses.

If you want to begin training for a new career and need financial aid, a 19+ Learning Loan could be right for you. Contact Be A Better You now and let one of their representatives assist you today.

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